Fans celebrated the release of Xbox One's "Titanfall" at SXSW in Austin after lining up for the game's midnight launch. (Reuters)


There’s nothing quite as hyped as the launch of a new video game, but this morning’s launch of Titanfall may be the most hyped yet.

After surge of publicity that’s gone on for months, hundreds of trailers and articles on gaming sites, dealers hosted events across the globe starting at midnight for the first major Xbox One game release. In Austin, rapper Childish Gambino performed at Microsoft’s SXSW launch party, and attendees rubbed shoulders with Respawn developers.

But the really big twist to the Titanfall launch is the ability to get the game without ever having to leave your house. Microsoft also made it available via digital download at midnight. The company was forced to postpone its pivot toward an all-digital console, a move that followed an outcry from alienated gamers who wanted to retain the ability to trade in used games.

Early Twitter reports suggested Titanfall servers were overloaded with traffic.


Respawn responded with a patch that seemed to speed up downloads and availability.


Titanfall, a first-person shooter game described by some reviewers as “Call of Duty with robots” is distributed by Electronic Arts, exclusively for use on Microsoft consoles: the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. While Titanfall is available now for Xbox One, 360 users will have to wait until March 25 for their version.

It’s being packaged with new XBox Ones for $500, the same price Microsoft was charging for the console alone, as the company looks to compete with rival Sony’s Playstation 4, which sells for $400.

“We don’t have a sales forecast for the game to share, but we expect it to be big for us,” Xbox spokesman Yusuf Mehdi told Rueters.

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