Earlier this week, “First Kiss,” a video that depicts 20 strangers kissing each other, went viral.

Part of the reason the video was so compelling, it turns out, was that the strangers doing the smooching were hired models and actors, not just people director Tatia Pilieva pulled off the street. Alas, we have an explanation for the seemingly improbable chemistry in all the pairs. But that wasn’t the biggest “gotcha.” The video wasn’t performance art, it was an advertisement for clothing company Wren.

Fashion films aren’t new. Business of Fashion has a roundup of the best ones, including photographer Steven Meisel’s for Prada. Director Ava DuVernay, the first black woman to win Best Director at Sundance, did a nine-minute short for Miu Miu starring Gabrielle Union and Adepero Oduye. Nick Knight, the same guy who directed Kanye West’s Lisa Frank “Bound 2” bonanza, did a short film for Lane Crawford.

None have been as successful as “First Kiss.”

Pilieva’s black-and-white film starts with the text: “We asked 20 strangers to kiss for the first time …” The camera lingers as the couples navigate their way through introductions.

Now there’s a parody: “First Sniff.” Copied frame-for-frame, with the same music, and also in somber black-and-white,  Bosh introduces 20 dogs performing a routine similar to the humans in “First Kiss,” sort of.

H/t Mashable