Coffee artist Michael Breach created a series of Oscar inspired Latte Art. (Courtesy of Michael Breach) Coffee artist Michael Breach created a series of Oscar-inspired “latte” drawings. (Photos courtesy of Michael Breach)

Michael Breach of Brooklyn, New York, is becoming known as one of the top artists in his field — coffee.

Breach is a barista-turned-artist with more than 32,000 followers on Instagram and close to 300 latte creations on his Tumblr. Using only a toothpick to draw faces in the foam, he creates cups of art. His most recent work commemorating this year’s Oscar winners and nominees created quite a stir — from his coffee characterizations of “Dallas Buyers Club” to “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

He recently told The Huffington Post that each portrait takes about a five minutes to create and about five minutes to melt away.

“I passed the time challenging myself with increasingly complex designs,” he said. “People really reacted to it so I kept going and here I am today.”

Take a look: