Musician and gun rights activist Ted Nugent addresses a seminar at the National Rifle Association’s convention in Pittsburgh on May 1, 2011. (Gene J. Puskar/AP Photo)

If you ask Ted Nugent, he’ll tell you the mayor of Longview, Tex., Jay Dean, is racist.

That’s what Nugent, who recently came under fire for calling President Obama a “subhuman mongrel,” told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy after the city rescinded its invitation to have Nugent headline its Fourth of July celebration. In fact, the city is paying Nugent more than $16,000 just to stay away.

Nugent made the comments about Obama while campaigning for Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott. He’s also called Obama a “piece of [excrement],” compared him to a Nazi, and said in a column for the Washington Times, “I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the south won the Civil War.”

“I hear from reliable sources that the mayor is a racist and was offended that my band performs mostly African-American-influenced music,” Nugent told Kennedy in an e-mail. “… Everyone knows ol’ Uncle Ted is the ultimate Independence Day rockout with the ultimate all-American, soul music, rockin’ soundtrack of defiance, liberty and freedom. We shall carry on. We are the good guys. Clueless, dishonest people like the mayor are the bad guys.”

The Longview NAACP urged town residents to attend a city council meeting Thursday night to voice their concerns.

“(There were) a variety of reasons,” the city backed out, Longview spokesman Shawn Hara told the Longview News-Journal. “Cost, structure, is it the right musical act for this type of event — a city-sponsored, family-oriented overall event,” Hara said. “They decided no, we don’t want to move forward, it is not the right act for this. At that point we decided to end discussions.”


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