Whether you pronounce it with a hard “G” or not — for what it’s worth, the inventor says it’s pronounced “jif” — they’re ubiquitous. Tumblr is awash in GIFs from favorite movies and television shows that allow you to communicate exactly how you feel about something with a perfectly-mined pop culture reference. They’re one of Buzzfeed’s main currencies. In fact they’re so popular, two guys invented the Giphoscope, a device which elegantly marries the millennial generation’s chosen form of expression with the nostalgia of the Kodak carousel.

But even with a zillion *headdesk* interpretations populating the internet, artist David Szakaly managed to create something different. If Wonkette’s blingees were the parachute pants of the GIF world, Szakaly’s creations are its skinny-tied, hipster tuxedo-ed progeny.

Szakaly, a German-Hungarian living in Budapest, gives the file format an air of sophistication with his hypnotic abstract forms. Unlike video GIFs, the loop is undetectable.

This one looks like a minimalist rendering of intestinal villi or blades of grass blowing in the wind:

svdp_ brainworms


Snails that turn into motorcycle helmets:

dvdp_synchronized snails


What a dreidel would look like if Zaha Hadid designed it:




It’s like part of a Janelle Monáe funhouse:




Strangely animated beard trimmings:


dvdp_hedgehog bristles


Finally, we’ve found that “Funnel of Love” Wanda Jackson’s been going on about:




The spareness of the black and white offers a reprieve for your eyes. The color ones really do look like something out of a Willy Wonka acid trip:




dvdp_rainbow knot

And lastly,


If your brain can stand it, you can see more of Szakaly’s work. Happy staring.