Toronto’s infamous crack-smoking mayor, Rob Ford, is the star of a new online video game.

In “Crackathon,” players take control of Mayor Ford, who collects party points by picking up marijuana leaves, bottles of booze and crack pipes while dodging cops and camera-wielding reporters to keep the mayor’s public-opinion rating from plummeting to zero. If the players public-opinion rating reaches zero, the message “You are impeached” flashes across the screen.

The game is filled with audio clips of Ford taken from press conferences and interviews. Some of the highlights:

“Yes, I’ve bought marijuana.”

“I did absolutely nothing wrong.”

“I’m an addict.”

“Probably in one of my drunken stupors.”

“Enough is enough guys.”

According to CBC News, the game was made by University of Waterloo engineering students Nick Mostowich and Chris Ngam, who created it in less than 16 hours at HackNY’s annual spring Hackathon.

“This is not supposed to be taken seriously,” Mostowich wrote on Reddit. “I thought it would be funny, that’s all … Cheers and happy cracking!”