Racing ostriches is a common sport in Africa. It’s still not exactly clear how it arrived in Virginia City, Nev. (Sol Neelman)

From Ostrich racing in Nevada to sandboarding in the Sahara, Portland-based photographer Sol Neelman has traveled the globe photographing nearly 200 of the world’s weirdest sports.

To me, sports is what you want it to be. Inclusive, not exclusive. Sports allow people to express what matters to them and how they have fun….Elite athleticism is not mandatory.

Neelman said.

His first collection, “Weird Sports,” was published in 2011. Now he’s using Kickstarter to fund his second book, “Weird Sports 2.”

This book isn’t about creating a definition of what sports is or is not. It’s about starting a discussion about what role sports play in people’s lives.

Below is a selection from his work. You can see more on his Web site. To learn more about “Weird Sports 2,” visit Neelman’s Kickstarter campaign, which ends Sunday.

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