This video from Brazil’s Globo TV show us all too well how bad street crime is in Rio.

The video opens with a reporter conducting an interview with a woman discussing the absence of police when a young man dashes up from behind and attempts to steal the woman’s necklace. The reporter then chases the man, who failed to snatch the necklace, down the busy street.

Crime and violence are nothing new in Brazil, but with the World Cup only two months away, the city is in the spotlight. In an article last month in the Mirror, Brazilian sports minister Aldo Rebelo said:

“We do have cases of violence in our cities, violence with social origins, common crime, robberies. …This is something we are trying to fight against. We want to protect our population. Violence is harmful to our own people.”

NPR reports:

According to the police, cellphone robberies in Rio have gone up 121 percent since last year. Robberies on buses have spiked 118 percent. In one popular area called Santa Theresa, street robberies have gone up 93 percent. Murders in Rio de Janeiro state have jumped 18 percent this year. …

“It’s really difficult [here in Rio]; the population is at the mercy of the criminals [and] we need more people to help us here,” another woman told Globo TV in an interview after the necklace attack.