Kevin Edson, the aan who was arrested near the Boston Marathon finish line with a suspicious backpack, was charged and sent for psychiatric evaluation. (Reuters)


Two blasts near the Boston Marathon finish line on Tuesday were an eerie reminder of last year’s terror attacks.

A barefoot man wearing a black hat and a black veil toted a backpack down Boylston Street, chanting “Boston strong, Boston strong,” eyewitnesses told The Boston Herald. He left two packs near the site where three people died last year after two bombs exploded.

About 9 p.m. the Massachusetts State Police bomb squad detonated one bag, which turned out to be carrying a rice cooker filled with confetti, sources told CBS News. The second bag, destroyed about 40 minutes later, may have contained photo equipment, sources said.

Boston police said the bags were “disrupted for precautionary reasons.”

The suspect was taken into custody and is charged with possession of a hoax device, The Associated Press reported. Police said the man also faces charges of disturbing the peace and disorderly conduct.

A law enforcement official said the suspect, who has been identified by several news outlets as Kevin Edson, 25, will be arraigned Wednesday morning in Boston Municipal Court, the Herald reported.