In the United States, doctors on average still make at least three times the annual median household income. The lowest average income on the list of doctors for 2013 was $174,000 and in 2012, the median household income was about $51,000.
Orthopedics had the highest average earnings at $413,000, and cardiologists and urologists were not far behind. Of the 25 medical specialties listed, three-quarters of them had an increase from 2012, according to the Medscape Physician Compensation Report, an annual survey of doctors around the country.

With the implementation of health insurance exchanges as part of the Affordable Care Act, just over half of the doctors were not sure if they would participate or not, and one in five said no. When asked about the effect on income, half thought it wouldn’t change much. Only 7 percent expected an increase. Most doctors say they will still take new and current Medicare and Medicaid patients, but about one-fourth of them haven’t decided.

drexchanges-medicareThe online survey, conducted from Dec. 11, 2013, to Jan. 24, was of 24,075 physicians in 25 different specialties for Medscape, a subsidiary of WebMD.