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Modernizing Molière with the Kardashians: ‘a bit much, but delicious’

There’s something supremely meta about using Molière as a commentary on modern celebrity vapidity when the people it’s targeting have probably never even heard of the guy.

A company in Toronto, Théâtre Français de Toronto, took its wardrobe inspiration for its latest production of Molière’s “Les Précieuses Ridicules,” or “The Foolish Young Ladies,” from the women in United States who are famous for well, being famous: the Kardashian sisters. The play’s title is also sometimes translated as “The Affected Young Ladies,” or “The Pretentious Young Ladies.”

It’s a satire about class that offers a critique of its newly-wealthy characters who throw their money around chasing art, fashion, and flashy men. Sound familiar?

“We’re bumping it from one era to another,” the art director, Guy Mignault, told the Toronto Star. “We start out with a modern feel, but then we add stuff from the past and, by the time we get through, you’ve got a whole mixed grill of époques.”

He continued, and said the costume of one of the women was “a bit like the Kardashian sisters. Full of studs and bling. It’s a bit much, but delicious.”

Kim Kardashian’s status as a fashion victim reached its peak when she sported a high-necked, floral print custom-designed Ricardo Tisci frock to the 2013 Met Gala while she was pregnant with North West, her daughter with Kanye West. You know, the one that came with matching upholstery-print gloves and spawned that Kim-as-couch meme?

h/t Toronto Star