It has been established: You cannot deport someone for acting like a spoiled brat, even if that someone is disgruntled pop star Justin Bieber.

You can, however, make his life hell at the airport when he tries to reenter the country.

Bieber was reportedly detained for hours by U.S. Customs officials when he landed at Los Angeles International on Thursday, fresh off a trip to Japan that went south after Bieber made a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. The 20-year-old Canadian citizen was eventually allowed entry, after “secondary questioning,” the Daily Mail reported. Earlier this week, the Obama administration declined to comment on a petition to the White House asking for Bieber to be deported and his “green card” revoked. (Bieber actually doesn’t have a green card; he has a type of nonimmigrant visa often granted to entertainers.)

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber exits Los Angeles International Airport after being stopped by immigration and customs agents for lengthy questioning upon his arrival from Japan. (Reuters)


Bieber has racked up a number of offenses since he became an international pop star. There was the time he was detained by German customs officials after trying to enter the country with a capuchin monkey. The German government ended up seizing the monkey because it had no vaccination records. Bieber essentially abandoned the animal, leaving it in the care of a Munich animal shelter, and Germany sent him a bill for $8,000 for its care. It now lives in a German zoo. Most recently, he was arrested on charges of driving while inebriated after allegedly drag-racing a rented Lamborghini in Miami Beach. Then there’s the strange feud he had with one of his neighbors, who accused Bieber of egging his house.

The White House says it has "no comment" on a petition to deport Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, who will continue to hold his U.S. visa. (Reuters)