There’s no question what’s happening in Eastern Ukraine is confusing. The country appears to be spiraling into civil war, something called the “Donetsk People’s Republic” is involved and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s positions on the matter appear to change by the day.

One of the few agreed upon matters, however, should be where Eastern Ukraine actually is: between Western Ukraine and Russia, adrift in very uncertain waters.

But CNN is still a bit confused. On Sunday, as thousands of Eastern Ukrainians participated in a referendum to ostensibly determine self-rule, CNN took us into the action. Yep, right into … Pakistan.

“The CNN International map was a human error,” spokesman Bridget Leininger told The Washington Post. “A producer did not completely fulfill the map program, therefore the program went to a default map.”

The mistake, which was first exposed by the Twitter handle Russian Market, follows a similar situation last week when Fox News admitted it had accidentally used images of grieved Tibetan sherpas in a story about South Koreans mourning the sunken ferry. And as Russia Today points out, CNN has committed cartographic crimes before.

Most Americans, according to
, have little right to criticize the network. Only 16 percent of respondents correctly located Ukraine, and the median response was actually 1,800 miles off-target. A number of them even placed it near or within — yes — Pakistan.

“If I could ask this, please be gentle with our producer as it was a human error,” CNN’s Leininger said in an e-mail. “It was not an intentional, nor an editorial decision.”