“Glorious Leader” (YouTube)

Last month, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was immortalized in the retro video game “Crackathon.”

Now, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, stars in his very own retro game: “Glorious Leader!”

Created by Moneyhorse Games, “Glorious Leader!” is described on its Web site as “an epic tale about the triumph of Kim Jong Un over the entire American army.” In the seven-level game, players “defeat waves of imperialists” and “combat over-the-top bosses.”

'Glorious Leader' (YouTube) “Glorious Leader” (YouTube)

The game trailer shows Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang shooting American soldiers and tanks, riding on a flaming unicorn, setting fire to an American flag, and of course hanging with Dennis Rodman on a basketball court.

'Glorious Leader' (YouTube) “Glorious Leader” (YouTube)

The Guardian spoke with Jeff Miller, chief executive of Moneyhorse Games, who said his motivation in developing the game was to find a new way to tell the country’s story and to get people across the world talking about the secretive nation. The Guardian wondered whether this was appropriate:

But is the game in danger of trivialising the more serious accusations against Kim and the Pyongyang regime, by poking fun at its isolationist policies and threats towards the outside world? Miller says the company is trying to “carefully walk the line of satire without being an apologist for the regime,” but they don’t expect everyone to like it.

The Daily Dot spoke to an “anonymous spokesperson” for Moneyhorse, who insisted this is not a PR stunt. The company “did not choose to make a project about North Korea, we were chosen,” the source said, calling it the “chance of a lifetime to bring light to the West from his Holiness’ eternal flame.”

“Glorious Leader!” should be available around the end of the year.

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