You can view the full-size image here. (NASA)

After weeks of work, NASA released its “global selfie” mosaic on Thursday.

On Earth Day this year, NASA asked people from around the world to “Get outside and show us mountains, parks, the sky, rivers, lakes — wherever you are, there’s your picture.” Oh, and by the way, it wouldn’t hurt if you held up signs saying “Hi, NASA.”

These selfies were uploaded to social media with the hashtag #globalselfie.

The project had more than 50,000 submissions from sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr. Peg Luce, deputy director of NASA’s Earth Science Division, told Reuters:

We were overwhelmed to see people participate from so many countries. We’re very grateful that people took the time to celebrate our home planet together, and we look forward to everyone doing their part to be good stewards of our precious Earth.

If a zoomable image isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the selfies in this music video:

People from around the world sent NASA their selfies on Earth Day 2014, and the space agency put them together in a video with music as part of their #globalselfie project. (Video courtesy NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)


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