Well, he’s already inspired thousands to voice their opinions to the Federal Communication Commission. Maybe “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver can rally even more people behind immigration reform as well.

Oliver appeared on “CBS This Morning” to talk about his new HBO show. Oliver, who is English, talked about his experience with the U.S. immigration system, which he called “absolutely hellish” and “terrifying.” Oliver has a green card. “It’s incredibly difficult,” he said. “And if it’s difficult for me, and I have the benefits of all kinds of privileges in terms of privileges — ” He was cut off by host Norah O’Donnell, who noted that he is married to an American combat medic. Oliver got his green card before he was married.

Oliver also talked about crashing the FCC’s comment system after delivering a lesson on net neutrality.

“You crashed their Web site,” said Charlie Rose.

“We didn’t crash their Web site, Charlie,” Oliver responded. “That’s a huge accusation. We merely pointed people to their Web site and told them why they should be angry about it, and they went in droves.”