The cover of “To Kill A Mockingbird.” (AP Photo/HarperCollins Publishers)

Alabama author Harper Lee, who wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird,” has settled her lawsuit with the hometown museum that exists because of her book.

Lee, 88, sued the Monroe County Heritage museum last year, and had reached a settlement with the museum, which she claimed was profiting from the sale of unauthorized trinkets based on her only published book. The two parties settled, but a judge reinstated the suit earlier this year because Lee said the museum had attempted to change the terms of the settlement. The museum is easily Monroeville’s biggest tourist attraction — its only tourist attraction, really. Lee said it profited more than $500,000 in 2011 after violating her trademark.

Now, Lee and the museum have settled again, and the case has been dismissed. Terms of the new settlement are confidential, but Reuters reports that each side paid its own attorney fees and court costs.

h/t BBC News