“I saw our lives passing before my eyes.” Al Perry told CTV.

Days before celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary, Al and Betty Perry were driving a silver Chevrolet pickup truck down Highway 14 in Alberta, Canada, when a massive bolt of lightning struck their vehicle.

Betty told WPTV: “It was all blowing up in front of my face.”

According to CTV, the truck’s airbags deployed, and the cab instantly filled with smoke. The couple tried to escape the vehicle, but the doors and window would not open. Parts of the truck melted, and Al Perry believed the electrical system was destroyed.

“This is a coffin,” Al told WPTV. “I put my two feet up against the window and I tried to kick the window out. … I don’t know how many times I’ve tried and tried and tried,” he told CTV.

Soon the couple’s luck turned: A police officer happened to drive by the scene and used his baton to smash the window out. According to CTV, doctors said the couple was not hurt.

A surveillance camera caught the whole thing:

According to the Huffington Post, the National Weather Service has data consistent with the lightning strike’s effects on the couple’s car.

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