Bosnian man Alen Papac claims doctors left a pair of scissors in his stomach during a 2003 ulcer operation, UPI reported. Papac was forced to live in pain for nine years. He told the Croatian Times:

I would suffer from agonizing pains in my stomach for years after that and I have also had other health problems which I now realize were related to the fact that I had a pair of scissors in my stomach. Eventually the pain became so extreme that I decided to go back to hospital again – and when they carried out an X-ray the pair of scissors were discovered.

Patient Alen Papac, 38. (Europics)

After receiving emergency surgery to remove the forgotten scissors, Papac contacted the hospital for compensation, but was refused — so he has filed a lawsuit. Mostar Hospital did not immediately return The Washington Post’s request for confirmation or comment, but told the Croatian Times, “The court case is still going on and therefore we cannot comment on the case.”

Papac is one of many people to discover objects in their X-rays. Below you will find more shocking images of accident survivors’ insides:

Fishing Spear

(Handout from Jackson Memorial Hospital via Reuters)

Yasser Lopez, 16, was almost dead in the water when a 3-foot fishing spear punctured his forehead and penetrated his brain and the back of his skull. In 2012, Lopez and a friend were playing with a gas-powered spear gun when it accidentally discharged. Still conscious, Lopez was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and underwent emergency surgery. Lopez suffered partial paralysis on the left side of his body, but luckily the rod missed crucial brain structures and he survived.


(AP Photo/Allegheny Health Network)

A Pennsylvania tree trimmer cut it close in March when his chainsaw slipped and became lodged in his neck, just a quarter inch from his carotid artery. James Valentine was trimming a tree in Ross Township, Pa., when the chainsaw “kicked back,” Valentine’s sister Becca told CNN. A co-worker helped him down and left the saw in place to try to limit the bleeding. Valentine underwent emergency surgery at Allegheny General Hospital and recovered.

Five-inch knife

(Metropolitan Police Handout via AP)

A 16-year-old boy was taken to a hospital in 2007 with a five-inch knife still stuck in his forehead. The boy and two other young men were injured when they tried to stop a friend who was being robbed at a bus stop in Walworth, London.

26 Needles

(AP Photo/Richland International Hospital, HO)*

Luo Cuifen, 31, had 26 needles embedded in her skin. The needles were discovered in an X-ray when Cuifen sought medical treatment after finding blood in her urine. A team of 23 doctors from around the world was consulted on how best to remove the needles. No word on Cuifen’s current condition or the success of the operation. Doctors believe her grandparents inserted the needles at birth “so that a baby boy might take her place,” the Associated Press reported in 2007.


3 1/4-inch nail

(AP Photo/Christ Medical Center & Hope Children’s Hospital)

While building a shed in 2012, Dante Autullo fired a nail gun above his head and thought little of it. He told the Huffington Post,“It really felt like I got punched on the side of the head … I thought it went past my ear.” The wound was cleaned, and he continued on with his day. It wasn’t until the next day, after waking up feeling nauseated, that his partner sensed something wrong and took him to a hospital. An X-ray revealed the 3¼ nail lodged in his brain. Autullo survived a two-hour surgery. The nail was only millimeters from the part of the brain which controls motor function.

3-inch knife

(AP Photo/MOD, British Army, HO)

An unidentified 10-year-old Afghan boy was stabbed in the head in 2007 while trying to protect his father when a customer lunged for him in his shop in Kandahar. The knife went behind the boy’s eye and penetrated the front of his brain. The boy’s father brought him to a British military base and pleaded for help. British army medics were able to save the young boy.

Pepsi bottle

(Asim Tanveer/Reuters)

A 60-year-old man came into a hospital in Multan, Pakistan, with a glass Pepsi bottle lodged in his lower abdomen. The bottle was inserted in his backside by armed thieves who then robbed him.

42 needles

(HOSPITAL DO OESTE Handout via Reuters)

A 2-year-old boy in Salvador, Brazil, was found with 42 needles in his body in 2009. The boy’s stepfather confessed to the sticking the needles into his stepsons as part of a religious ritual.

6 nails

(Providence Holy Cross Medical Center via AP)

Isidro Mejia, a 39-year-old construction worker, fell from the roof of an unfinished home on to a co-worker who was using a nail gun. The gun discharged six nails into Mejia’s head. Three of the six nails penetrated his brain. Mejia’s doctors said his recovery was “close to a miracle.”

6-foot iron bar

(AP Photo/Miguel Couto Hospital)

Construction worker Eduardo Leite, 24, was pierced by a 6-foot iron bar in 2012 when it fell at a job site. The bar made it though Leite’s hard hat, into the back of his skull and out between his eyes. Leite survived a five-hour surgery.