One Celine Dion fan is no longer all by himself.

Earlier this week, Richard Dunn uploaded a video of himself lip-syncing Celine Dion’s 1996 song “All by Myself” while trapped alone at the Las Vegas airport. The cheesy and at times uncomfortable video has (like everything else these days) quickly become an Internet sensation with more than 11 million views in the four days since it was uploaded.

Yesterday, in an ad hoc promotion for Dion’s Las Vegas show, the Canadian singer who happens to be trapped by contract in Sin City responded with a short video of her own. In the video, Dion said she found Dunn’s video hilarious and touching and invited him to her show — but a better offer came at the end of the video when she invited him to use her bathroom. Jay Hathway of Gawker put it best:

And now this humble man from New Brunswick may get his chance to live the Canadian dream: peeing in the same bathroom Celine Dion is under contract to pee in for the next half-decade.

Here’s Dion’s video: