Given that “The Book of Mormon” is sold out on Broadway through the next century, a televised version told through the cut-out style animation of “South Park” isn’t a half-bad idea, especially for those who can’t get to a production by the traveling company.

Simon Chong created a mashup of “South Park” imagery and “Book of Mormon” words and posted it on YouTube using the musical’s opening song “Hello!” It’s pretty fun — and quite realistic-looking, as Chong created new animation in the show’s signature style. Maybe show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker should take note for the future. Of course, it’s not clear how well a “South Park”/”Book of Mormon” marriage would work, given that most of “The Book of Mormon” takes place in Uganda, but we’re sure those details could be worked out.

Chong included a note at the end of his project, echoing the disclaimer that precedes every South Park episode:

The animation I’ve made is in absolutely no way affiliated with either South Park or The Book of Mormon. It was made out of a genuine love for both the TV show and the stage musical. All rights belong to the respective companies and I hope so much that they don’t kill me for what I’ve made!

Nobody tell poor, unsung “Book of Mormon” co-creator Robert Lopez. Just have another glass of wine, Robert.

h/t Popwatch