Unable to fit all of your friends in your private jet?

Now the uber-rich can travel at the height of luxury while accommodating hundreds of friends.

According to Wired, a recent influx of billionaires from Russia, China and the Middle East have led companies such as Airbus and Boeing to customize their jumbo jets for private use.

Here’s a look at some of the customized jets.

An empty Boeing 787, which can be customized with furniture. (Boeing)

The Airbus ACJ318 corporate jet features lounge areas and a private room that doubles as an office and bedroom. (AIRBUS)

A concept interior for a Boeing 747-8. The plane has 4,786 square feet of space can be set up as desired. Wired estimated the plane costs $280 million. (Boeing)

A master bathroom on a Boeing 787. (Boeing)

A Boeing 747-8 concept interior. (Boeing)

The Airbus ACJ319, with a wide range of lounge, office, dining and conference modules. (AIRBUS)

Deer Jet’s BBJ  features 28 seats, a bedroom suite and full-sized bathroom with a shower. (Deer Jet via Boeing)