Clint Dempsey (No. 8) of the United States scores his team’s second goal during a 2014 World Cup G soccer match against Portugal on June 22, 2014. (Reuters/Andres Stapff)

Watching the United States play Portugal in their recent World Cup match was exciting — and about as tweetable as it ever gets.

Twitter captured the fan action in an interactive map using key terms mentioned in geotagged tweets during the June 22 game, according to Fast Company. It condensed the game to about 35 seconds, pointing out the goals on a line as the tweets expand and contract. Tweets were off the charts when goals were scored — especially at the end of the match, when USA’s Clint Dempsey scored to go ahead 2-1 and Portugal’s Silvestre Varela suddenly tied the game at the end.

Twitter also charted mentions of “Clint Dempsey,” showing a spike to almost 80,000 tweets per minute after the go-ahead U.S. goal.

Google joined the World Cup action with its World Cup Trends Newsroom, where a team analyzes search results and creates shareable graphics, according to Fast Company. After Portugal’s stunner goal, Google found that the United States remains optimistic, at least as far as Google+ activity shows.

National sentiment as shown by Google Trends analysis of Google+ activity. (Google Trends)

Maybe this bodes well for the U.S. team’s match against Germany on Thursday.