Signs held up by a young women’s family on the side of the road said: “Pope Francis, stop here. An angel is waiting for you.”

And that exactly what Pope Francis did. He stopped.

While visiting southern Italy on Saturday, Francis asked his driver to stop his car to see a young disabled woman, identified only as Roberta, who was waiting with her family on the side of the road.

Francis got out of a little blue hatchback. Roberta, whose last name was not released by the Catholic News Agency, was lying on a stretcher because of an extremely debilitating disability that does not allow her to travel far from her house. The Pope then kissed her and blessed her and, after greeting her family, continued on his way. According to the Catholic News Agency, Roberta’s sister thanked the Pope on Facebook:

I still can’t believe it, thank you Holy Father … I thank the Pope for having given us a moment of great joy.