A huge fireball erupted in Philadelphia on Tuesday when a food truck exploded. The fireball engulfed the truck and set a utility pole and two passing cars on fire.

The explosion injured 11 people, causing serious burns to a 42-year-old woman and a teenage girl, according to the Associated Press. Four other people in area hospitals are in stable condition while five others were treated and released. One of the victims, Latoya Page, suffered first-degree burns to the left side of her body.

“I turned around and saw the fire coming toward me,” she told NBC10. “I fell, got back up and started running again.”

The explosion happened in the Feltonville neighborhood. It originated in one of two four-foot propane tanks on the truck. The tank was later found in a residential backyard 150 feet away. The blast shook homes across the street. Nicole Ellis, a neighbor, told WCAU-TV: “We thought something fell over. Then all of a sudden we heard screams …We walked outside and the truck was billowing fire.”

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told the AP:

We want to ensure that this was an accidental explosion. We want to ensure this wasn’t anything criminal…The bomb squad is investigating to see if there is any foul play. That will be the result of a completed investigation.