Rosie O’Donnell, right, with executive producer Barbara Walters, returned to “The View” as a guest in February. (ABC/ Lou Rocco)

If there’s anyone who could give “The View’s” Hot Topics some spice again, it’s Rosie O’Donnell.

O’Donnell has emerged as a possible contender to fill one of the seats occupied by outgoing “View” co-hosts Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd, who were both fired from the ABC show recently. According to TMZ, O’Donnell, who previously spent one season on the show, is in “active negotiations” to rejoin.

If she returns, O’Donnell would join Whoopi Goldberg on the show where she’s most known for a bitter public feud with Donald Trump that seemingly went on for ages. It first started in 2006 when O’Donnell criticized Trump for not firing Miss USA Tara Connor, who turned out to have a drug problem and had been caught drinking underage. It wasn’t helped by Trump’s inability to let anything go — he is notoriously thin-skinned, which makes him ripe for trolling. This is, after all, a man who attempted to discredit a Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic at the Chicago Tribune because he had the nerve to suggest that Trump’s need to slap his name on everything in typeface visible from space was, well, tacky.

The rivalry reignited in 2011 after O’Donnell compared Trump to Harry Potter’s nemesis on former “View” co-host Joy Behar’s HLN show. “He’s like Lord Voldemort,” O’Donnell said as the duo discussed the upcoming Republican debates. “Let’s just ignore that he exists.” Trump tweeted in response, “I feel sorry for Rosie’s new partner in love whose parents are devastated at the thought of their daughter being with @Rosie – a true loser.”

Of course, assuming that it doesn’t get too nasty, a new Rosie-Donald war could provide a welcome boost to “View” ratings. When she came back as a guest in February, O’Donnell was greeted with a standing ovation.