Actress Sarah Jessica Parker. (Peter Foley/European Pressphoto Agency)

Sarah Jessica Parker is quite possibly the most polite celebrity-wedding-crasher ever — if you can even call her that.

When he spotted the diminutive “Sex and the City” star at the Lough Eske Castle Hotel in Ireland, the bride’s brother asked Parker if she would mind taking a photo with his sister, Máire O’Flynn.

Parker obliged — and stopped by on her way out, careful not to upstage the bride.

“She sent some of the staff to get me from the dance floor just as she was leaving, and I went out and got a lovely picture with her and she was very kind,” O’Flynn told the BBC. “She said that I looked beautiful and hoped that I was having a great day. She also mentioned that my bridesmaid looked fabulous, which was great. It was a nice addition to the day and added a bit of celebrity status to the occasion.”

This year seems to be a heavy one when it comes to celebrities unexpectedly turning up at nuptial festivities — or it could just be that these things always happened, and now they’re just subject to rampant Instagramming. Serena Williams crashed a May wedding in Miami Beach in a leopard one-piece, and we all heard about Bill Murray’s bachelor party incident in South Carolina.

“I was very hesitant to approach her because I didn’t want to disturb her on her holiday and at a private dinner,” O’Flynn said. “But a few of the other guests thought it would be a missed opportunity if I didn’t get a photo on my big day with such an iconic celebrity.”

Recently, it was announced that Parker is signed on to star in a new series from one of the producers of “True Detective” called “Busted.” It’s based on a book by two investigative reporters from the Philadelphia Inquirer who unearthed one of the biggest corruption scandals in the city’s history. The two won a Pulitzer for their work, a 10-month series published in the Philadelphia Daily News called “Tainted Justice.”