Little more than 24 hours after Crumbs Bake Shop closed its doors, the final products of its financially struggling ovens are for sale.

Slightly used.

On eBay.

“We were laughing that we probably had one of the last Crumbs cupcakes,” Brian Murray, director of talent for Likeable Media, told USA Today. “For $250, we could do something for the office.”

And so the cupcake is on the auction block. At press time, one desperate soul had bid $250.

The cupcake’s flavor was not specified in news reports, but one hopes it will be frozen before bidding ends on July 11.

If $250 per cupcake seems steep, enthusiasts should shop around. The confections can be had by the dozen for that price from other sellers online.

Buying baked goods in a secondary market may seem extreme — especially for a cupcake some called dry.

But hey: When the going gets tough, you’ve got to try foodsharing.