The dramatic 10-minute video above, filmed with a GoPro camera strapped to Troy Dickerson’s head, opens with him speeding 95 mph down a highway while his wife, Kristin Dickerson, is in labor.

In the middle of the night on June 28, Kristin thought she would have to give birth on the side of the road and not at Texas Children’s Hospital, where she works as a childbirth educator. The couple did make it, but not all the way inside. Baby Truett was safely born at the entrance of the hospital at 2:05 a.m. with the help of 10 nurses. After the birth, Troy shouted: “You did it! … I got that on video!”

“I’m thrilled to have the footage,” Kristin told ABC News. “I’m more hesitant to send it to people, because it’s such an intimate moment for us, but as a birth educator, it’s really cool to let people see that our bodies know what to do.”

Kristin told ABC her husband loves to uses his GoPro Camera all of the time, so it was second nature for him to strap it to his head.