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From Flubber to Kryptonite, a periodic table of fictional minerals

Ever wondered where kryptonite would fall on the periodic table? Now you can find out.

The British firm Buy Metal Online decided to have a little fun with the standard periodic table of the elements and charted fictional minerals derived from pop culture.

“We got the data by researching online, which turned up lots of fictional materials, then we just segmented them into categories (film, TV, literature, etc.) as period tables split minerals up,” said designer David Eaves, “and then cut them down to the most popular titles and what we thought could be well known minerals. Once we knew we wanted it to be a periodic table, the rest just became easy.”

The minerals are divided into segments that include television shows, animated series, games, comic books, films and literature. The chart includes Flubber, which originated from Disney’s “The Absent-Minded Professor” in 1961, carbonite from the “Star Wars” films, “Star Trek’s” Dilithium and two from “Dr. Who,” Axonite and Bazoolium. The famous comic book element Kryptonite, which could sap Superman of his powers, is there as well. The gaming world has the most elements, from “AdventureQuest’s” Dragonbane, poisonous to dragons, to “World of Warcraft’s” Elementium, which can channel elemental energies. If you need to power a Martian reactor, you can find Heavy Elements, from “The War of the Worlds,” by H.G. Wells.

Please pass the Flubber.