Jason Biggs and Taylor Schilling in a scene from Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black.” (Photo by Barbara Nitke for Netflix)

Jason Biggs, the actor who plays Piper Chapman’s weaseling former fiance, Larry, on “Orange is the New Black,” made a crude joke about the Malaysian plane crash on Twitter Wednesday, asking his followers in a now-deleted tweet, “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysia Airlines frequent flier miles?”

He then apologized in a series of tweets after deleting the offending one.

Biggs has actually developed a reputation for tweeting distasteful sentiments — usually with an undercurrent of sexism — so much that Salon writer Daniel D’Addario contended the actor’s Twitter feed was “ruining ‘Orange is the New Black.'”

Biggs is most famous for his role as Jim Levenstein in the “American Pie” movies. Much of his off-color material actually sounds like it could have been written by his irreverent onscreen compatriot Steve Stifler, but the Malaysian Airlines tweet may have been a bridge too far.