Dan Markel, one of the country’s most prominent law professors and legal bloggers, is being widely mourned after being shot and killed in his Tallahassee home Friday, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Tallahassee police have released little information about the killing and what may have been the motive. Markel was a professor at Florida State University Law School.

The paper reported neighbors heard “a loud bang,” but the Tallahassee Police Department has released little additional information about Markel’s death.

Markel, who taught criminal law, founded PrawfsBlawg, one of the earliest legal blogs, and wrote op-eds for publications such as the New York Times, Slate and the Guardian.

Dave Hoffman from Concurring Opinions wrote:

“Indeed, Dan Markel knew more legal academics — by which I mean he had more meaningful conversations and was actually friends with more people — than anyone in the country. Everyone knew him or had a story about him. Even in conversations he wasn’t a part of, at conferences he’d never attended, he was a common point of reference. He was our Kevin Bacon.”