An Apple employee celebrates the release of the iPhone 5 in 2012 in New York. (John Minchillo/AP)

Get ready for a huge iPhone frenzy in the fall.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has asked suppliers to manufacture between 70 million and 80 million units in two larger sizes — a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch model. The current iPhone 5 series comes with a 4-inch diagonal screen. It has faced severe competition from Samsung’s Galaxy phones with 5.1-inch displays.

The report – not so much the screen sizes but the volume of the orders — set iPhone watchers on fire last night.

“For a sense of just how many smartphones that is,” noted Forbes’s Mark Rogowsky, “in fiscal 2011 Apple shipped 72 million iPhones in the entire year.”

“Massive,” said Business Insider.

The size of the order is likely due to Apple’s expectation of selling millions of the smartphones in China thanks to an agreement with China Mobile.

How much will it cost? Tech Times reported seeing a copy of a promotional flyer meant for the Chinese market, which may or may not be real and may or may not be meaningful in the United States.

“The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will reportedly carry an unsubsidized price of $850, while the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 phablet will reportedly retail for $1,012,” said Tech Times with this caveat: “Whenever it comes to Apple iPhone 6 leaks, it’s always best to take these reports with a huge grain of salt.”

When should you get in line? The promotional flyer suggests Sept. 19 as the opening day for sales. So any time before then should work.