One of the most frustrating things about Google’s HDMI Chromecast dongle is that is that you can’t use it with Spotify. While the device does allow you to cast streaming music from Pandora and a number of other apps, if you want to stream your own playlists and choose the order of the music you’re listening to, the easiest way to do it is with Google’s own native music app, Google Play Music.

The company offers a subscription-based streaming service like Spotify called Google Play Music All Access, and Thursday the company announced that it was providing 90 days of free streaming to anyone with a Chromecast device, provided they didn’t already have an All Access account. The service is usually $9.99 per month, the same as Spotify’s service.

Google users who already tried the service with a trial or regular subscription are barred from the deal, which the company is offering as it celebrates the one-year anniversary of Chromecast.

Google recently acquired Songza, a streaming service that offers pre-curated playlists. Kara Swisher reported this week that despite rumblings that might have suggested otherwise, Google has no plans to buy Spotify. Another app, Rdio, works with Chromecast and allows users to create playlists. More control and on-demand streaming of albums is part of the app’s premium service.

While Chromecast was initially compatible only with a small suite of apps, it’s now possible to stream WatchESPN, MLB.TV Premium and MLS MatchDay, offering further incentive to prospective cord cutters to get rid of their cable subscriptions. Plus, it’s now possible to mirror what you see on your phone or tablet directly to your television the same way you can with Apple TV.