Roger Ray Ireland. (Anne Arundel County Police) Roger Ray Ireland. (Anne Arundel County Police)

A Maryland man with a warrant out for his arrest taunted local police on social media this week, posting “y’all will never catch me” under his own mugshot.

But they did.

It started this way. Anne Arundel County Police listed 28-year-old Roger Ray Ireland of Edgewater, Md., for its “#WantedWednesday” feature on Facebook, prompting people to tag his family members in the comments section. Ireland, wanted for violating probation, saw the post and decided to engage.

“Yo all yall people tagging my hole family bout my [business] stay … outta [my business],” Ireland wrote.

“Wait what?? Isn’t that him right above my comment??” commenter replied, adding: “Dude, Roger, it seems like you have kids and/or one on the way … Do the right thing for your kids and take care of this offense … It will only be that much faster to get it over and done with … What if your own kids see this??!?”

It appears Ireland’s comments have since been removed. But police posted a redacted screen shot.

Detectives followed up on some of the tips, which led them to Ireland. On Thursday, police pulled him over during a traffic stop and arrested him.

“Social Media is a great tool for law enforcement and we appreciate our Social Media Sleuths,” Police Chief Kevin Davis said in a Facebook post. “Community involvement is paramount to law enforcement’s success and the amount of tips that we receive daily on social media shows how much ownership citizens are taking in their own communities.”

An assistant public defender will represent Ireland in a hearing Friday morning, the Baltimore Sun reported.