A high school student in Japan was arrested on suspicion of killing her classmate. (Reuters)


The crime occurred in Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture, the Times reported:

‘I did it all by myself,’ the police quoted her as saying. … Friends and acquaintances of the suspect described her as ‘very smart, with emotional ups and downs.’

‘She is a very candid girl, and I used to play tag with her,’ said an 18-year-old former classmate who now goes to a vocational school. ‘She showed signs of being emotionally unstable and often started crying when she had an argument with someone,’ she added.

The name of the suspect was withheld because she is a juvenile.

According to CNN, the principal of the school that both girls attended did not know of any specific issues between the two. “I have no words to say now. I am overwhelmed by sadness, regret and various feelings,” he said at the news conference.