The Internet’s most well-known — some would say notorious — hashtag activist, Suey Park, was at it again Tuesday night.

Best known for starting the #CancelColbert hashtag — and then being accused of crying wolf when it turned out she wasn’t actually trying to get Colbert’s show yanked from Comedy Central — Park started a discussion of the ways organized religion has failed Christians. The hashtag #NotMyChristianLeader covered a broad range of issues, from teachings that have made many churches inhospitable to women and queer people to hypocrisy when it comes to helping the poor to sexual abuse. Park is a co-founder of @KilljoyProphets, which identifies itself as “a collective centering women of color feminism. Ending Dudebro Christianity.”

Park’s influence and the merits and effects of hashtag activism are debatable. Her frenetic, scattershot anger and seemingly short attention span can rankle. What exactly is she hoping to achieve? folks ask.

But the conversation Park started to air grievances about the real and perceived hypocrisy of many pastors, reverends, bishops and other faith leaders struck a nerve.

It began with this tweet from her late Tuesday:

“When you only engage people who flatter you and your work, you have become the very thing you seek to dismantle.”

Others quickly joined in: