Scattered crowds marched Wednesday night amid rain and lightning in Ferguson, Mo., chanting: “Who got killed? Mike Brown!”

Some demonstrators walked arm and arm. Families brought their children to join the peaceful protests. And police kept watch in smaller numbers than some of the previous nights.

“It’s peaceful now,” resident Terrance Ivy told Washington Post reporter Krissah Thompson. “I’m hoping it’s because of the rain. The rain totally calmed everything down.”

Earlier, that calm was interrupted about 8:20 p.m. Central time when a woman walked West Florissant Avenue waving a sign that read, “I support Darren Wilson” and shouting, “Y’all need to get your facts straight.”

Washington Post reporter DeNeen Brown said someone hit the woman over the head and another grabbed the sign. Police rushed to the scene. And officers put her in a police vehicle and drove away.

“That sign was meant to provoke us. I asked the police why are you letting her protest causing problems over here?” said Tenisha Wheeler, 30, who lives in St. Louis City. She added, “I wouldn’t dare go to a rally supporting Wilson with my own self.”

Amber Howland, 30, who traveled from Alton, Ill., also saw the incident.

“The police walked her past,” she said. “I said I’m white I can get through the crowd. I was going to hit this b—-. They pushed me away. And ran and put her in a truck.”

As the rain grew thicker Wednesday night, many protesters hid under a tent before joining the crowd again.

A few dozen demonstrators marched chanting, “No justice, no peace.”

“The goal is to keep everything calm,” Ivy said. “It’s about justice, it’s about coming together and unity.”

Then about 10:30 p.m. the crowd revved up once again — echoing the up-and-down mood now typical of the evening protests in Ferguson.