One Pennsylvania woman can now sleep easy. The case of the missing life-size Obama statue has been solved. The statue was found last week on a Pennsylvania park bench with a bottle of Twisted Tea in the president’s hand and a six-pack beside him.

Wilkes-Barre resident Tiffany Bruce told the Scranton Times-Tribune that the statue had been missing since July of last year. She couldn’t understand why anyone would steal it. Bruce was so upset by the theft that she had to be hospitalized for a panic attack, reports the Associated Press. “I freaked …I couldn’t breathe, my eyes were red and watery,” she told the Scranton Times-Tribune.

Bruce purchased the statue at a furniture store last year and her family fell in love with it. She and her five kids decorated it for the holidays: Santa Claus for Christmas, with pumpkins on Thanksgiving. After it disappeared, her children asked: “What did you do with Obama?”

Bruce first thought someone had hidden the statue as a prank. “I was so mad…If I get him back, I’m going to tie him down,” she told the paper.

But, according to Eyewitness News in Pennsylvania, fisherman Bill Phillips found the statue sitting on a park bench near a dam and called police. He said he had seen the news reports and knew it was missing. “I just happen to glance down at the picnic table down here and I was like no it really isn’t.” But it was.

The statue was returned to Bruce.

“I’m just glad he is back,” she said. “I don’t wanna press charges or anything. It was probably a stupid prank and they got scared because of all the publicity.”