On four legs, he stood 44 inches tall. On two, he hit 7-foot-4.

The Great Dane from Michigan, called the world’s tallest living dog in 2012 by Guinness World Records, died last week of natural causes.

Zeus, a 165-pound gentle giant, achieved international fame after he took the Guinness title two years ago. His owners, Kevin and Denise Doorlag, told Guinness he devoured a 30-pound bag of food every two weeks, drank water straight from the kitchen faucet with all four paws on the floor and required a van for transportation. “The most common thing people ask is: ‘Is that a dog or a horse?’ and ‘Where’s his saddle?'” Denise Doorlag told Guinness in 2012.

Zeus was also a local celebrity outside Kalamazoo, Mich., where he enjoyed serving as a therapy dog, visiting area schools and hospitals, his owners said.

But at home in smalltown Otsego, Mich., he was like any other pooch, curling up on Kevin and Denise’s laps while the family grilled food on their deck.

“Those are some of the things I’ll never forget about him,” Kevin Doorlag told the Kalamazoo Gazette. “He was definitely a great dog.”

Zeus would have turned 6 in November, Kevin Doorlag said. Though estimates vary, Great Danes live less than 10 years — he was 5.

“We’ll really miss him,” he told the Kalamazoo Gazette.

Zeus on film: