Apple is investigating reports of a new problem its latest iPhone. An issue with an operating system update comes as so-called "bendgate" continues to worry customers. (Reuters)

A later story on this problem is here. 

Update: 9:23 a.m

Questions about the supposed bent iPhone 6 are now showing up on the Apple users forum, without, so far, a response from Apple. The actual number of people claiming to have encountered this issue remains very limited.

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Skinny jeans and the iPhone 6 Plus may be a bad combination. According to reports from some users, Apple’s latest offering allegedly bends when carried in pants pockets.

Now there’s a science project idea: How many pounds per square inch of pressure is exerted by a denim-encased thigh?

An employee of iPhone warranty provider SquareTrade demonstrates that he is able to bend the Phone 6 Plus with his hands. The test was conducted in response to complaints that Apple's new smartphones are warping in owners' pockets. (SquareTrade)

The reports surfaced on MacRumors on Sunday, just two days after the new iPhones went on sale. One user said his brand new 6.2-inch 6 Plus was noticeably bent after less than 24 hours in his front pants pocket. People starting posting photos of their bent phones on Twitter with the hashtag #bendgate.

Apple did not respond to requests for comment. (The BBC reports this morning that the story is now so widespread that, in its opinion, Apple may be compelled to say something. But it says experts are “divided” on how, or if, the company should respond.)

A hoax? Not many are willing to risk breaking a brand new $300 phone that some slept in boxes while waiting in line to buy. But one intrepid vlogger decided to test the claims. On Tuesday, Unbox Therapy’s Lewis Hilsenteger posted this video of himself bending a brand new iPhone with his bare hands.


The problem with the iPhone 6 is being blamed on its anodized aluminum frame. Though anodizing can make it more durable, aluminum is a soft metal that can be bent with human hands. This how-to guide for bending anodized aluminum pipes says bending can result in surface cracking – not good news for the iPhone.

Users reported similar problems with the iPhone 5.

If Apple had intended the phones to be bendy, the company probably would have touted it as an innovative, desirable feature. It didn’t.

But don’t think the idea of a bendy phone never crossed Apple’s mind. The company patented a method for making a flexible screen out of bendable glass. Samsung also developed a bendable phone prototype. And LG already introduced a flexible, curved phone: the G Flex.

Apple isn’t the only mobile phone maker battling the bow. Mashable reported Sony’s Xperia phone bends as well. Engadget tried bending Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and found the plastic frame warped slightly after two attempts.

So what’s a skinny pant wearing iPhone user to do? There’s always the man purse.

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Is the iPhone 6 Plus really an upgrade or is it more inconvenient than it's worth? The Post's Hayley Tsukayama puts Apple's newest phone to the test. (Jonathan Elker and Hayley Tsukayama/The Washington Post)