The drag community’s biggest name, RuPaul, is speaking out against a new Facebook policy that requires users to use their given names in their profiles or risk deactivation.

In the past few weeks, Facebook began cracking down on the policy, which reportedly resulted in the deactivation of hundreds of pages belonging to LGBT people and drag performers.

Even after a meeting with the drag community in San Francisco, Facebook’s representatives have refused to budge. The company restored some names temporarily, but gave those people two weeks to decide whether to start using their real names on their Facebook accounts or move to a fan page.

RuPaul (which is part of his given name, RuPaul Andre Charles) spoke out for the first time against the policy in a Hollywood Reporter interview that was posted online Wednesday.

“In showbiz, there’s no such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell your name right,” he said. “But it’s bad policy when Facebook strips the rights of creative individuals who have blossomed into something even more fabulous than the name their mama gave them.”

Some LBGT and drag performers have encouraged people to move away from Facebook to other social platforms, such as Ello.

A #MyNameIs protest against the policy is scheduled for Oct. 2 in San Francisco.