Yes, women pilots have boobs — and Fox News hosts found it funny. The object of the “boobs on the ground” comment was Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, reportedly the first female pilot in the United Arab Emirates Air Force.

Mansouri, 35, is from Abu Dhabi. She graduated from college with a degree in English literature and completed flight school in 2007, the Deraa Al Watan magazine reported.

On Monday night, she led airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria. But on Fox just two days later, she became a laughing matter when “The Five” co-hosts Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling cracked a couple of sexist jokes.

The segment started with co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle’s introduction:

Hey ISIS, you were bombed by a woman. Oh yeah, hell came down on ISIS in Syria because — guess what — the first female pilot, piloting for the U.A.E. … leading the strikes, dropped the bombs on ISIS on Monday night. … I’ll take a woman doing this any day to them. I hope that hurt extra bad from you because in some Arab countries, women can’t even drive. Her nickname per [Fox News correspondent] Jennifer Griffin? Lady Liberty.

Almost immediately, Gutfeld interjected:

Problem is, after she bombed it, she couldn’t park it.

Then came Bolling:

Would that be considered boobs on the ground or no?

Eye roll.

The wise cracks ignited a firestorm on social media.

Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren called them out as well.

“Ouch!” she said Wednesday night. “Oh, man, do you think the gents on ‘The Five’ … should get a do-over on that one?”

On Thursday, Bolling apologized on-air for joking about boobs.

“I made a joke and when I got home, I got the look,” he said, referring to the response from his female colleagues. “I said sorry to my wife and I apologize to you all and want to make that very clear.”

Guilfoyle had put her head into her hand and responded, “Why did they ruin my thing?”

At Fox News, middle-aged men behaving badly. (The Washington Post)