Since leaving “Saturday Night Live,” serious actor Bill Murray, 64, has tackled Hunter S. Thompson, played Polonius and whispered mysteriously into Scarlett Johansson‘s ear. But the former (and, possibly, future) Ghostbuster had yet to do Bob Dylan.

Chalk one of the bucket list: In a trailer for the new film “St. Vincent,” Murray sings a goodly portion of “Shelter from the Storm” while trying — and mostly failing — to water a plant.

Kudos to Murray: “Shelter from the Storm” isn’t Dylan’s wordiest tune, but definitely packs more verbiage than, say, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” If Murray busts out “Masters of War” during the credits, that will be truly impressive.

(THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY) Promotional poster for the film “St. Vincent,” starring Bill Murray. (THE WEINSTEIN COMPANY)

St. Vincent” is out Oct. 24, co-starring Melissa McCarthy as a single mom. Murray, playing a Vietnam vet, takes her son under his wing. Naomi Watts appears as a Russian prostitute.