Poor Bill Cosby. Twitter just won’t let him be great.

On Monday, Cosby — or some short-sighted person controlling his Twitter account — made the mistake of inviting Twitter users to use his photos to generate Cosby memes, linking to a page on his Web site: BillCosby.com/CosbyMeme. (The page now redirects to BillCosby.com.)

He posted a picture of himself with the words “Happy Monday” in a tweet he’s since deleted.

You already know where this is going: The jury may be out on whether the world has turned against Cosby, but this much is clear: Twitter definitely has.

Cosby thought his invitation to meme him would go something like this:

Instead, Twitter users took the opportunity to take Cosby to the woodshed over rape allegations against him that found their way back to the spotlight

There is, of course, a question of how Cosby or his social media handlers couldn’t have seen they were walking directly into this. It

. It

. Heck, it even happened to

and the

. The lesson is clear: If you are a powerful entity who has been accused of committing some foul stuff, Twitter is not your friend. Nope.

If anything, situations like these highlight the need for celebrities (and investment banks and police departments) to have at least one trusted, highly diplomatic friend willing and able to say, “You know, this may not be a good idea for you.” The friend part is particularly crucial; it has to be an equal, not someone in the precarious position of weighing whether they’ll lose their job when they confront said celebrity (or investment bank or police department) with unwelcome news. “I think Bill Cosby still thinks he’s America’s Dad and not America’s creepy Uncle who’s not allowed to visit anymore … #CosbyMeme,” wrote Elon James White.

Jason Anderson rather brilliantly found a way to incorporate a meme within a meme:

This sums things up fairly well:

Well, his art collection hasn’t been accused of raping anyone, and it’s doing well at the Smithsonian. That’s gotta count for something, no?

Also: How much does Bill Cosby hate Hannibal Buress right now?