Neither Kirk Douglas or People Magazine is commenting on the obituary the magazine ran over the weekend of the actor, who will celebrate his 98th birthday on Dec. 9.

The article, published online and then apparently later removed, had “DO NOT PUB” in the headline, likely short for “do not publish,” an instruction that was apparently disregarded. It reported the date and place of death as “TK TK TK” — journalese for facts yet “to come.”

News organizations commonly prepare advance obituaries of prominent people, but generally wait for the person to die before publishing. Should you be interested in reading the Douglas obit — it’s good reading even if premature — the Boston Globe preserved the article here.

Douglas, born Issur Danielovitch, is famous for his starring roles in “Spartacus” and “Lust for Life,” among other films. He joins a long list — chronicled by Wikipedia — of famous people who had the distinction of being able to read of their deaths beforehand.