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Woman sues Bill Cosby, alleges he sexually assaulted her when she was 15

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A Southern California woman filed a civil lawsuit Tuesday alleging Bill Cosby sexually assaulted her when she was 15 years old in 1974.

It is the first time anyone has taken legal action against Cosby since former Temple University employee Andrea Constand’s lawsuit against the comedian in 2005. Cosby settled out of court in 2006.

According to the allegations in the suit obtained by The Washington Post, Judy Huth and a friend, who was 16 at the time, met Cosby at a film set in San Marino, Calif. He invited them to sit in his director’s chair and to visit his tennis club the next weekend. They met him at the tennis club, the suit alleges, and he invited them to his house, where he gave them beer and said they had to drink every time Cosby won a game of pool.

After the two girls “consumed multiple alcoholic beverages,” Cosby, now 77, allegedly took them to the Playboy mansion. According to their account in the suit, he instructed them to say they were 19 if anyone asked their ages.

“While at the Playboy Mansion, plaintiff told Cosby that she needed to use the bathroom,” the suit alleges.  “Cosby directed her to a bathroom within a bedroom suite near the game room. When plaintiff emerged from the bathroom, she found Cosby sitting on the bed. He asked her to sit beside him. He then proceeded to sexually molest her by attempting to put his hand down her pants, and then taking her hand in his hand and performing a sex act on himself without her consent,” the suit claims.

The suit was filed in California Superior Court in Los Angeles. The California statute of limitations for lewd or lascivious acts involving children is 10 years after the commission of the offense or, if the victim was under 18 at the time of the crime, any time before the victim’s 28th birthday. Under California criminal law, those accused of grave sexual assault crimes involving minors can only be charged if the crime took place after 1988.

In her lawsuit, Huth, now 55, suggests the statute of limitations be waived because she discovered “her psychological injuries and illnesses were caused by the sexual abuse perpetrated by Cosby” within the past three years.

Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, did not respond to immediate inquiries regarding the lawsuit, but he has denied other recent allegations levied by women accusing his client of rape or sexual molestation. “This traumatic incident, at such a tender age, has caused psychological damage and mental anguish for plaintiff that has caused her significant problems throughout her life,” the lawsuit said. Huth is seeking punitive and exemplary damages.


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