Pope Francis turned 78 on Wednesday. At the Vatican, thousands turned out for the pope’s weekly general audience to sing, dance and even bring a cake to help him celebrate.

In honor of the pontiff’s Argentine roots, many participated in a group tango on the Via della Conciliazione at the rear of St. Peter’s Square, the massive open space in front of the Vatican’s basilica. A dance like the tango might seem like a strange birthday gift for a pope, even an Argentinian, but Francis has said he enjoys the tango “very much. It’s something that comes from within,” the Catholic News Service reported. He said he used to dance the tango when he was younger.

Although, as Vatican Radio notes, the pope did not actually mention his birthday during his address to the crowd, he seemed pleased by several of the well-wishers. He appeared to particularly enjoy a birthday drawing handed to him by an Italian boy in the crowd, as Reuters noted. That report also mentions another gift of a handful of sunflowers from a group of homeless people.

In the square, there were birthday balloons and babies.

There was also at least one giant Loony Tunes birthday card.

Some people even brought food and drink for  Francis. He took a sip of the traditional Argentine drink, maté, which he has been known to love in the past.

Then, there was the cake, brought by seminarians from the Legion of Christ, according to Vatican Radio.

The pope blew out the candles.

As for the pope’s other birthday plans?

A Vatican spokesperson told the Catholic News Service that volunteers will give gifts to the poor and homeless in Rome to mark the occasion.