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When cops get killed: 40 police officers felled by gunfire in 2014

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They were killed during traffic stops and bar fights. They were killed in ambushes and while serving search warrants. They were killed by men who admitted hating police officers or had grudges against the government — or they were found dead in unexplained circumstances. Two were shot in a remote Alaskan village not accessible by roads. And one died more than 20 years after he was shot on duty.

This is, in roughly reverse chronological order, a list of 41 police officers killed by gunfire in the United States in 2014. It is not a comprehensive list of all officers killed in the line of duty, as police die on the job for any number of reasons. It also does not include officer deaths by gunfire in U.S. territories or among military personnel.

, 32, was off-duty when he was shot after attempting to intervene in an altercation in a bar in Akron, Ohio, on Nov. 17.

Matthew Chism, 25, was killed after trying to pull over a car with no headlights in Cedar County, Mo. on Nov. 2.

Mike Naylor, a deputy sheriff in Midland County, Tex., was killed after serving a warrant on a man wanted for aggravated sexual assault of a child.