A man who allegedly tried to run over police in suburban Philadelphia has been shot and killed.

Police said Joseph Anthony Pacini, 52, tried to run down officers with his car on Tuesday after posting videos threatening them on YouTube. When police learned of the videos and tried to arrest Pacini, who was in his car, he attacked.

“When police have to deal with somebody with mental illness, it could be violent, it could be passive, you just don’t know,” said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood, as NBC10 reported. “The unfortunate thing in this case, he’s got a vehicle, the vehicle was his weapon.” 

Pacini had posted rambling, unintelligible videos on YouTube, saying the CIA and FBI were out to kill him. He also threatened a member of the Haverford, Pa., police department.

He also called singer Sara Bareilles — perhaps best known for her 2007 hit “Love Song” — his “twin flame soul mate,” and asked for her help.

“Now Sara, this is up to you to come out and save me,” he said in one video. “You’ve got probably 12 to 24 hours tops. I’m waiting on you.”

Here’s one of the videos — which contains censored profanity and descriptions of violence:

“I might be dead or in prison by the time Sara Bareilles hears this,” Pacini said. “She’s the only one who can save me.”

Pacini was charged with making terroristic threats in Philadelphia in 2005. He also said he had “two lifetime prison sentences” and was “locked up into several insane asylums,” as NBC reported.

Bareilles was not immediately available for comment.